3 Powerful Responses to "You are/It's too Expensive"



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So you finally did it and opened your business. Everything is going great. But now and again, you second-guess yourself.

Not because you don't believe in your product. You do it because sometimes you come across potential clients who tell you that you are "too expensive."

How do you handle these situations professionally? How do you reassure your client you are worth your price? How do you do this without sounding arrogant or pushy?

I initially had this same problem. So I searched around, looking for some of the best techniques you could use to change this comment from something negative to something empowering.

Today, I want to share the ones I found to be the most helpful in my business.

Feel free to give them a try, and let me know if you have another technique that you use.

When someone says you are too expensive, you can:

1. Ask them, "Compared to what?"

Sometimes customers regard your product or service as expensive because they compare it against an idea of what they thought it would cost.

Asking them these questions helps them to take a step back and evaluate if it is too expensive. Usually, you will find them realizing that they don't have much to compare it against.

If they talk to you about another product or service provider, listen to them. Ask questions about their experience and the value they get for their money when purchasing it.

You can learn what they perceive as important when you do this. It can also help them realize that they were not satisfied with the product or service and why they are seeking it elsewhere.

Then show them how your product or service can add more value.

Doing this will make them feel understood and valued. It adds to the customer experience that they have with you. It will also set you apart from others on the market.

2. Ask them, "What value do you see my product/service bringing to you?" Then ask, "What does that mean to you in dollars?"

Sometimes a potential customer may not understand why they want to purchase your product or service.

Taking time to understand what value they believe they could receive from you will help them to put it into perspective.

They will begin to highlight the benefits they will receive when they purchase from you. This can help to reassure them of the value without you having to say too much.

After they explain the value they believe your product/service brings, ask them to add a monetary value to it. They will vocalize the monetary value they assign to your product or service.

If the value they see it bringing is not more than your price, then maybe it would not have been a good match.

If this is the case, encourage them to take a step back. Maybe this is not important enough for them at the moment. Encourage them to seek you out if this changes.

When you do this they will feel like you care about their satisfaction. It will increase the chances they will purchase from you in the future.

3. Ask them "What's your budget?"

Sometimes a customer understands the value of your product or service, but they may not have the budget for it.

Asking them about the size of their budget allows you to condense your offer and show them what they could get within their budget.

They can work with you to build or cut the offer into something they find manageable and valuable.

It's a great way to build rapport with them.

If their budget is not something you can offer something valuable for, respect them and yourself enough to tell them.

Encourage them to look somewhere else if this is the case.

All in all, remember that cheap is cheap. You are not going to be within everyone's budget. If your product or service is top-notch, don't be afraid to stick to your price.

This will help customers to value what you offer more.

They will know that they are paying for value.

Not everyone will be willing to pay you for what you are worth. This doesn't mean that you should change the value of your work to suit them.

Remember, people will pay for the value that they see.

Find ways that help them to see that.

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