4 Steps To Hiring Help To Grow or Scale Your Business



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One of the fastest and most meaningful ways to start growing and scaling your business is by delegating. When you start delegating, you can serve more people.

In the beginning, wearing all the hats can be empowering. But Being the content creator, strategist, photographer, videographer, editor, copywriter, accountant, and the master salesperson can be a one-way ticket to burnout.
It is simply unsustainable.

It's hard to know when it is the right time to start delegating tasks because every business journey is different.

If you want to grow your business, you need help. The help you hire is aimed at scaling your business and impacting many more lives. It will also help you to shift from that employee mindset to that of an owner.

But if you think you are starting to need some help. It may be your time.

Wait tho!

Before you go out and start hiring, make sure you do it right so you don't waste time or money.

So how do you get started?

Step 1: Determine all Monthly Non-Negotiable Tasks

Take a step back and review all the tasks you do every month. List them out. Make sure to be as detailed and inclusive as you can.

For example: Look at marketing; how many times do you post on social media for the month? How many videos do you have to take, edit, and post? How often do you need to create copy for your social media posts, blogs, or videos?

How much time do you spend setting up and monitoring paid ads?

Do this for every area of your business, ie, marketing, sales, accounting, production, and more. After you complete this, you will be aware of everything you are doing.

Step 2: Determine What to Outsource

Now that you are more aware of all your monthly tasks, have an honest conversation with yourself.

Which tasks are you good at? Which ones do you despise? Which would you flick a magic wand and get it done immediately? Which do you struggle to get done?

This helps you to understand where you need support and identify what reigns you can let go of.

The cool thing about this is that it opens up the possibility of meeting people who enjoy doing the tasks you hate. You can use their skills to turn your weaknesses into strengths for your business.

Step 3: Clearly Describe What You Need

Clear communication is the most important aspect of outsourcing. It helps you to grow a team that aligns with your vision.

Your job as a leader is to clarify and double-clarify what you need. Be specific and leave no room for assumptions. Remember that others cannot read your mind. You must provide clear instructions about what you expect from them.

One way you could support a new member of your team is by providing them with a work profile.

Step 4: Find Your Perfect Teammate

Now that you know all you will be delegating and receiving support for, it's time to find your peeps!

If you decide on hiring someone full-time, you can post your opening on Facebook job-seeking groups.

It's a great cost-free way to get the word out.

But if you aren't ready for a full-time employee, you can always go the non-traditional route and hire a gigger to help.

A gigger is a person who works on a per-gig basis, traditionally known as a freelancer. You can hire them short-term for smaller specific projects if you don't need someone full-time yet.

Or if you need help in multiple areas.

Say you need support in video editing and bookkeeping, it may be challenging to find one person who can do both.

But when you hire giggers, you can have two people who specialize in each of the fields.

And only hire for every task or bundle of tasks you need.

Giggedbz can help you to find your peeps. Browse our website to find your gigger.

Or reach out to us on WhatsApp so that we can help you walk through this process and figure out how to find the help you need.

The Challenge
Determine if you are in a place where you can start hiring help to expand your business. If you are, reach out to us on our website or social platforms. Let's have an honest conversation about this.

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