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So you have the best product in town. You spent weeks designing your packaging and thoughtfully choosing color, font, and design just for it to photograph like crap.

Now you are not being consistent with posting because every five-year-old with a camera phone can take better images than you.

Get over the hump, improve your images, and build your brand with these four tips to improve the quality and professional presentation of the pictures you take of your products.

  1. Choose your Background

Simple is key. Choose a background that compliments all of the aspects of your product.

Many businesses play it safe and opt for a white infinity background, which is also a great option since it is easy to create at home.

To set up an infinity background; take a piece of white paper and tape it to the wall. Drape the paper over a table ensuring it is wide enough to set multiple products on it.

It should be big enough for at least three products at a time.

2. Lighting- Natural and Simple

Lighting is the most challenging aspect of nailing your DIY photography sessions. There is a lot of theory behind understanding lighting. It is one of the main reasons we pay good money for a professional photographer.

But if you do not have time for all the theory or the budget to pay for it, then keep it simple and opt for natural lighting.

Move a chair close to a window, draping the background as we highlighted in point one, and place a thin white sheet of cloth or paper against the window to soften up the light.

Do this on those bright and hot days since the direct sunlight creates harsh lighting making the colors look saturated and highlighting every flaw.

3. Play with Angles

Through the visuals you post of your products, you need to answer the questions your descriptions do not fully answer. Play around with the angles. Try to give your customers a full 360 experience of your product highlighting all aspects of it.

If you are new to photography and trying to find the best angles for your product, consider keeping your camera in a set place and moving the product to get different angles while keeping the same frame and background

4 . Important Phone Settings

Thanks to living in this new day and age, we all have high-quality cameras at our fingertips. Our cellphones.

There is no need to run out and run up your bill by hiring a professional photographer. Keep the following things in mind when taking photos with your phone.

  • Avoid the phone’s zoom feature. This significantly reduces the quality of the image you take. You don't want to end up with low-quality blurred images, so remember to stay clear of zoom.
  • Invest in a tripod so you don’t get blurry photos.
  • Use the front camera—the selfie camera isn’t as good as the back camera.
  • No flash—this will overexpose your photo and distort the colors.
  • Minor adjustments only; over-editing reduces the quality of the photo.

Once you keep these things in mind, it should be much easier to shoot consistent photos of your products.

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The challenge

Try these product photography tips. If they help, post a pic and tag us on Instagram. Hope they help.

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