5 Mindset Shifts to Take Your Business to the Next Level



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You want to take your business to the next level and expand your customer base. Maybe you hope to access investors or credit for your business. But something is holding you back. When you take two steps forward, you go one step backward.

Are you overcome with fear when you think about the possibility of failing?
If you are, then ask yourself, what is it that is holding you back?

Trials of Entrepreneurs

See, most business owners have felt tormented by similar situations at some point. Some let these situations lead to their downfall, while others choose to use them to level up.

They decide to use their fears and obstacle as stepping stones. They see opportunity, growth, and revenue, whereas others see the possibility of demise.

So let us explore five mindsets that hold back business owners like you.

The 5 Mindsets

1. I can not figure this out

Do you have a problem that keeps you up at night? Are you tired of all the effort and time it is taking from you? Does every solution bring you closer to frustration instead of results?

Tackle it by changing your mindset. Start this by reminding yourself of times you felt like this before but were able to overcome the impossible.

This will help to remind you that every problem under the sun has a solution. When you approach it with this mindset, you will start to see things from a new perspective.

Your change in mindset will open up curiosity for new questions, solutions, and opportunities.

2. If I work harder, I get better results

You grew up in a culture of hard work. A culture where everyone around is convinced your hard work is the key to success. But they never defined what working hard was.

They never stressed the importance of proper rest, diet, and support. See, working like an animal for a dream is not the guaranteed way to succeed.

When you live by the code of hard work alone, it brings burnout, depression, and resentment. This is why you should destroy this mindset.

Hard work is important, but success will come when you are enjoying what you are doing.

So remind yourself to be the business owner who enjoys the journey. Not just the destination.

3. I’m too scared to take action

Is there something that has the possibility to double your revenues? Or could it cut your costs in half?

But are you being stubborn and refusing to give it a try?

It’s scary. You have to put yourself out there like never before. You have to take time to learn or make a hefty change.

You have no guarantee that it will create the result you want, but your instinct is telling you that it may be exactly what you need.

When you feel like this, remind yourself that if something is scary, it is big. Meaningful change only comes from taking risks. You may be onto something big if it is that scary.

Don’t shy away from it. Embrace the new mindset, roll up your sleeves and get to work.

4. What if they say no?

A business can start as one man show but, for it to thrive, it cannot remain that way forever.

You need to connect with sellers and customers. You need to hire and train employees. You need to work with other businesses.

But this is scary. You may be afraid to approach new people for fear of rejection.

What if they say no?

When you find yourself thinking like this, it is essential to remember two things.

The first is that every "No" you get will help you to develop your tolerance for rejection. Eventually, rejections will not be so scary and unbearable.

The second thing to remember is that the right people will say yes.

So keep trying. Every time you get a no, remember that it's probably because they did not share your vision. There is someone else that could be a better match for your business.

5. Selling is hard

Selling is one of the most intimidating parts of running a business. It is also one of the most essential.

This is how you get revenue to continue expanding your business. If your business does not have customers, can you call it a business?

Don't feel intimidated every time you need to sell. Just focus on being clear about the benefits your customers get when they buy from you.

Do this by asking yourself how it can make your customers' lives easier.
Inform potential customers of how they benefit, and clearly explain how they can access your products or services.

Trust that they will make the right decision. This is very important. Or move on to new prospects.

Check back with them later, to clarify questions that may have popped up. But don't become a Desperate Dave.

After all, business is all about solving a problem for your customer.

The challenge
This week, review the mindsets we talked about. Then choose one that you wish to change. And every time you find yourself running down the old way of thinking, choose the new mindset.

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