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A Different Life is just a few changes away. The problem with change and building habits is that it takes time to see the results of your hard work.

Because of this, you can feel demotivated to stick to it and have faith that the change is for the best.

As I started yearning for a new approach to life, I came across one thing that helped me stay committed to the new life because of the immediate results I experienced.

I didn't have to wait a few weeks to know why it was better. Instead, I felt a surge in energy and positivity the day I started.

And I'm sure it will be a good start if you crave change, too.

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Let's Talk About How You Start Your Mornings

That sacred hour that gives birth to your day sets the mood for the type of day you will have. It determines if you will thrive as you navigate the hours and tasks you need to get done.

Or it dictates whether you drag yourself from task to task, lifeless and without energy. It determines how you respond to the challenges you encounter.

Now tell me.

Do you start your mornings by snoozing all of your 15 alarms, dragging yourself from bed with low energy, then get lost scrolling on your device before the first hour of your day passes?

Then, consider starting your day with these changes instead.

Try doing a morning meditation or breathing practice. But if that isn't your thing, consider stepping outside for a brisk walk or some movement to energize your body and reduce the cortisol levels present during the early morning hours.

There is no need to make this an entire hour-long workout session. Instead, think about it as giving your mind and body time to recharge with sunlight and movement. 10 to 15 minutes should do the trick.

After you finish your movement and recharge, opt for positive information that enriches your mind. Consider reading inspiring or educational things, and try your best to avoid social media and harmful news sources.

Adjust how you start your day and watch your energy levels rise.

The Challenge

Evaluate how you have been starting your days. Can you make small changes to get mindfulness, movement, and positive information? Try it out this week and notice if you feel a difference in energy and positivity.

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