Andastan 'Human Behavior' Mek Yuh Undastand Weh People Duh



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4 different type of personalities (surrounded by idiots)

You eva watch somebody do something and think, man he da wa eeediat? I’m sure that it has crossed your mind for many different reasons. Were you wrong? Were they wrong?

If you were to take a step back and observe human behavior, at some point, you would probably be left feeling confused.

Why do people do things the way that they do? Aren’t they aware that there is an easier way to do it? Why do they react so quickly without taking time to consider all aspects of things?

Dah weh dis idea come from?

Thomas Erikson’s book, “Surrounded by Idiots” was a game changer for me. It made it easier for me to reflect on my actions and understand the way that I am. It also guided me as I began to observe the behaviors of others.

I remember hitting that 'ah huh' moment when it was so clear why others would do things differently.

While I was reading, I could identify thoughts, and patterns that seem to fit with the way I think and act. I also saw pictures of those around me pop up in my head as I learned about the different types of behaviors associated with people in different groups.

He also points out that it's important to remember that most people are made up of a combination of two colors, although one color will always be more dominant.

Di 4 Aspects

According to Erikson, people’s behavior falls within 4 aspects that can be seen in the table below. They are assigned a color based on where their behavior falls.


Blue people are believed to be slow to react, cautious and organized. They focus a lot on the past to determine future actions.

Their actions are based more on being organized and objective, and less on forming relationships. Can you think of a blue person?


Reds are the opposite of blues in terms of reaction. They like to do things quickly and analyze later.

They enjoy having control of things, and throw caution out of the window in relationships. They are direct, and focus on NOW. Can you see yourself being red?


Greens are calm and level headed individuals. They love making connections, and don’t have a high tolerance for change.

Greens focus on NOW, in a way that is very supportive of others. This also means that they do their best to avoid conflicts.


Yellows are similar to reds in terms of reactions, they are impulsive and not very analytical. People who are considered yellow are more focused on the future.

They don’t like routines and love to be very involved. They love being surrounded by others and fear not having people to talk to.

You may often think that your way of doing things is the right way. At least that’s how I felt, and still sometimes feel.

Yet, after learning about the four types of human behavior, it has been easier to remind myself that I am not actually surrounded by idiots.

Why dis important?

Understanding the four behavior types makes it a lot easier for us to put ourselves in other people’s shoes. It makes it easier to understand how we are different, and why we act and think differently.

It can help us to be more open and accepting of other people’s thoughts and actions.

The Challenge

Take a look at the table above, and try to identify where the people that are important to you fall based on their behaviors. Then think about the traits that are innate to them, and how they are different from you. Make an effort to understand how you are different. This is key to managing those relationships. Focus on understanding and accepting how different you are.

I promise, it changes our approach and ability to accept the things that people do.

If you want to fully understand these behaviors, I highly recommend reading the book. Since this post is too short for me to summarize and give you all the valuable things that I learned from this.

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