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I was sharing flyers promoting gigged.bz to business owners this week.

Walking around San Ignacio, I pushed my normally introverted self to enter stores and leave flyers for them.

With the sun burning through my cardigan, I was tired and sweaty. So, one of the hills next to the police station would be the final street I explored before calling it a day.

As I was coming down the adjacent street, I saw a cute little gift shop I hadn't noticed before. So I took a deep breath, psyched myself, and walked in.

I immediately felt the love that goes into gift-giving as my senses got a hint of warm, sweet scents and well-thought-out gifts.


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Why Sharing Is Caring

The owner greeted me with a lovely smile and began our conversation.

Within minutes, we connected, and she began sharing her story and life inspiration with me. My heart opened as I listened to the challenges she had to overcome to be where she is today.

With teary eyes and a heart full of gratitude, I felt inspired. More importantly, it reminded me of why I started gigged.bz.

When I left, my conversation with this inspiring woman reignited my 'why' and made me value her and her business much more.

Today, I'm sharing this experience with you because something that stuck with me was how open she was about her story.

She didn't hesitate to share it, making it much easier for us to connect. It reminded me that although we have businesses in different industries, we all have something driving us.

Be An Inspiration To Others

It reminded me that there is more to what you see and what you know. Yet, we are often ashamed and hesitant to share our stories openly.

But we must remember that when we aren't ashamed of the good, the bad, and the ugly and openly share our whys, we inspire others to do so, too.

Make Human Connections

We make human connections that go beyond simple transactions.

So today, I urge you and me to be bold and share our stories.

Be proud of all you have overcome to get you where you are today. Remember that your story can provide hope for others and inspire them to make a change.

But more than anything, it makes you human. It makes you relatable and helps others to see that it only takes one decision to do great things.

The challenge
Take some time to sit down and reflect on your why. Then, write it down to gain clarity, and, most importantly, don't be afraid to share it.

Forget the fancy words and the business talk. Share your story to inspire and make real human connections with those around you.

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