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If you want to do something good, do it alone. But if you're going to do something great, you need a team.

Only through building a bulletproof team could Jeff change the world with a store, unlike anything the world had ever seen.

Only with a dream team, could Elon create the most advanced rockets than anything done in the past century, and at a fraction of the price.

Your team determines how far you will go, so be intentional with your selection process.

To create a team that will achieve what nobody has done before, you need to stop looking for clones of you.

Instead, develop a team that brings diverse skillsets and ideas—people who dare to do things differently. Your team should consist of people with ideas miles apart from yours but with the same end goal.

When choosing who you will work with, remember.

Mindsets are bigger than Knowledge

Evaluate people's mindsets instead of focusing on what they can or cannot do. Look at their passion and focus on how much they are willing to learn.

Look at ways they will go above and beyond for something they care about. If they don't know how to do something yet, know they can get there with some training.

But if they lack the mindset of discipline, don't want to grow, and lack passion, they will give up the minute they don't know how to do something.

Mindsets show you the potential that a person has, while knowledge is proof of what they have done. Just because someone did something before doesn't mean they want to grow and continue learning beyond that.

Will you need them to grow with the goal? Grow with the team and grow with you?


Building something that has never been done requires feedback and a lot of difficult conversations.

Your team can only do this if there is trust. Trust in the team members and the leaders.

Without trust, team members will not feel free to take risks, propose unique ways of doing things, and reveal patterns that don't work.

As a leader, you must create an environment where failure is recognized as learning and growth while seeking the best way to accomplish something.

It's your responsibility to create an environment that promotes having difficult conversations from a place of confidence.

Create an environment where they know they will be heard, not blamed.

Commitment to the Common Purpose

Be clear with what you want to achieve, and remember to be open with your why.

Share what inspires you. Share why you were motivated to do this. Use stories to help them connect with your why. Stories help them commit and feel inspired by your passion.

Celebrate small victories, and show them how their work gets them closer to your why.

Share stories of success and learning. Share stories that cement the purpose of the team. This way, you are surrounded by people committed to the goal and the genuine reasons that inspired it.

The Challenge

Spend some time this week developing questions you can ask to help you better understand a person's mindset when choosing teammates.


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