Could "Loud Budgeting" Be Your Solutions?



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You have probably been told that we don't speak about money. It's embarrassing and not socially acceptable to voice your money problems to the world. It puts a lot of pressure on you to hide your daily struggles, and unfortunately, it can create lots of debt to keep them hidden from the world.

But people are changing that old mindset with this new TikTok trend called "Loud Budgeting."

What is Loud Budgeting?

It's like traditional budgeting, except now it's not done in secret. You tell your friends and family if you decide to pay off your credit card debt and your budget doesn't have space for that weekly night out with them.

Being transparent about your financial goals can seem daunting at first. But when you tell your friends that you can't do the weekly night out because you aim to pay off your debt, you're setting a clear path and making it easier for them to understand. You're sharing your aspirations and the time frame you hope to achieve them.

This openness can lead to a stronger support system and a more focused approach to your financial goals.

Isn't that Embarrassing?

It's strange to think about being this transparent about your financial goals. But the people who have done it online have seen how much support they have received from those around them.

Family and friends begin to support and help hold them accountable as they pursue their financial goals. They inspire others around them to step up and make more financially responsible decisions.

Loud budgeting is not just about one person taking control of their financial situation. It's about inspiring others to do the same.

It creates a space where your group can offer support and advice based on shared experiences.

It's a journey that can bring you closer as you re-align your values and develop stronger bonds, knowing you're not alone in your financial struggles.

What do you think? Would you be willing to try it? Or is money something you do in private only?

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