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"Your Job is to dream; mine is to make it reality," This is the inspiration behind Gigi's business model. But at this moment, she wasn't sure if she was the one dreaming.

She found herself standing here. A little disappointed that she didn't snatch the prize for the most creative booth.

But Gigi was ready to cheer and scream her heart out for the winner of the best overall booth.

In her mind, that's what small business owners do for each other. And she wouldn't let the disappointment get in the way of the support she would give.

But then, everything stopped. The announcer said it. And Gigi couldn't open her mouth. She could scream her heart out.

She was supposed to be cheering, but nothing came out. Everyone else was yelling. Something was pulling her towards the stage. She couldn't stop.

But time wasn't moving. Gigi's mind kept racing back and forth. She could feel her heart pumping and could hear the blood rushing through her veins.

She couldn't stop thinking about the sleepless nights. The struggles. The $250 investment she made to start her business.

She flashed back to every product she had ever created. Every time she felt like giving up. Her memories took her back to when she worked fully pregnant and about to pop. She worked up to the day her baby was born.

At this instant, all the struggles, all the pain, everything was worth it.

She is the winner of the Overall Best Booth Prize at the “Made in Belize Trade Show” by the Belize Chamber of Commerce.

But Giselle's story Goes Back a Few Decades

How it Started

Giselle grew up in San Pedro in a family that prides itself on creativity. It was the bread and butter of her family growing up.

Her dad is a coral jewelry maker. He provided for his family by making some of the most exquisite coral jewelry. These would make their way across the world as tourists loved them.

And her entire family had a knack for creative design.

But as she grew up, life, love, and career opportunities would take her across the country.

Giselle ended up settling down in the Garden City, Belmopan.

Once a Business Woman, Always A Business Woman

She always had a passion for business. Before starting Customized by Gigi, started an online cosmetic shop, clothes store, and many other business ventures.

But in 2017, Gisselle wanted to get serious about saving money. So she printed out some pictures and stuck them onto a jar.

She included a lot of motivational quotes to remind her why she was doing this. She shared a picture of her jar on Facebook, to inspire others.

Soon, she started getting requests from people who wanted to buy them. So she jumped at that opportunity.

As she got more and more Jar Bank orders, she realized she despised making them.

But she wanted to stick to the creative process that went into the design. It brought her peace and helped her to develop discipline.

That was when she started offering the Shadow Box frames and party essentials that we now know her for today.

Learning Experiences

Giselle explained that she didn't know where her business would end up when she started. It has been a learning process from beginning to where she is today.

Based on her experiences, she would offer this advice to other business owners and aspiring business owners.

Start with what you have, and don't be afraid

Lots of people get stuck before they even get started. They don't realize that the first step is often the hardest. So take the leap of faith, and don't be afraid.

Use the resources that you have. Work hard and be consistent. You can add more and expand as people start to buy from you. But you have to be willing to start somewhere.

Follow your instincts

Your instincts play an essential role in your decision-making process. Listen to it. You are the one who knows what is best for your business. So don't be afraid to listen to your instincts.

Discipline and Flexibility

Discipline could be the most important thing you will learn when you become a business owner. Be disciplined enough to do what you say you will do. Remember to be flexible along the way.

Delayed Gratification

When I became serious about growing my business, I had to learn to make sacrifices for it. These sacrifices came in the form of delayed gratification.

The goals for my business became more important than the pleasures I would get, which would be gone in a few hours.

Then slowly, the sacrifices didn't seem like sacrifices. I started seeing them as investments.

Today, I invest money into growing my business rather than spending it on temporary pleasures. Doing this has contributed to the growth of my business.

Asking for help

You cannot do everything yourself. It is vital to have a supportive partner, family, or friend.

But it's more important to learn how to ask for help. It's also essential to put your pride aside and accept offers of help.

When I learned to do this, my business started taking off. Today my husband is an essential part of my business. But I could have gotten here faster if I had accepted his offer sooner.

Supporting other Businesses

It is crucial to support other business owners.

At first, I wanted to accept all the orders people would bring to me.
But I realized that it is better if I limit my product offering.

Today, I don't accept doing things that don't fall within my product list. Instead, I recommend other business owners who offer these services.

Doing this nurtures my relationship with other businesses in the community. My customers also trust that I have their best interests at heart.

Social Media

My business has benefited a lot from Boosting Posts on Social Media. I would recommend that every business owner tries this out for their business.
I have seen how powerful this advertising medium can be.
It's also important to share about yourself, your life, and your work process. People are looking at what you share. They are always looking for something to make them connect with you and your business a little more.

Customized by "Gigi"

Today, Gigi promotes her products on Social Media. She is also actively involved in trade shows and pop-up shops. Gigi has big dreams she continues to work tirelessly to accomplish. 

She remembers all the hard work it took to get here. She also realizes that it will take a lot more to get where she want to go. But Gigi is determined to craft her dream life, one shadow box at a time.

So if you are in need of a shadow box, Maaella’s canvas, 3D letters or customized party essentials, check out her social media customizedbygigi on Facebook and gigi.customizedbygigi.93 on Instagram.

She offers Shadow Customized Shadow Boxes, Maaella's Canvas, 3D Letters, and party Essentials to make your next event a dream come true.

And will soon be offering customized Journals.


It's your job to dream, but Gigi's job is to make your dreams a reality.

The Challenge

If you have a business idea and have been too afraid to start. Take Gigi's advice, and start with what you have. Create a sample this week, and post it on Social Media to get feedback.

You never know until you try.

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