Energy Vampires! Are you one?



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Do you sometimes spend a lot of time with a friend, then leave them and feel completely energized, inspired, and ready to take on the world?

How about the opposite?

Have you spent time with someone and felt you immediately needed a nap? Like you had just used all your energy and needed to be plugged in, like your phone, to recharge?

I have experienced both of these situations over time.

At first, I thought I felt drained because I leaned more toward the introverted side.

But as I slowly started paying more attention, I realized that no matter how introverted I was, I would get energy around a specific few individuals.

Then I came across the idea of Energy Creators vs. Absorbers.

This simple model says that there are two types of people.

Energy Creators

The creators create energy for others. They are the people who would make a room alive simply with their presence. They bring out a side of you that makes you feel more alive.

When they leave, you feel inspired and motivated to work on all those things you have been putting off because of the energy they share with you.

Energy Absorbers

The absorbers require others to feed them with energy. It feels like they suck the life out of the room when they enter and make you feel drained and like a huge burden is on your back. Exhausted is an understatement when they leave.

It doesn't matter if you are thinking about it personally or professionally; wouldn't it be great to be a creator instead of an absorber?

Here are some of the things that Energy creators possess:

Movement: Movement is important to them. They move around and get you to do the same, creating energy.

Curiosity: Energy Creators have a deep desire to learn; they are curious about things, and this, in turn, translates to you, your conversations, and the ideas you share.

Growth Mindset: Energy creators believe that they hold the power of personal change in their hands. They don't spend time doubting themselves or limiting their beliefs.

Internal Motivation: Energy Creators don't need to receive praise or any form of external motivation. Instead, they find the motivation to grow and perform well within. They take enjoyment in the process.

Consistent: Energy creators consistently show up for their cause. They're there when you expect them to be and when you don't. They show up every day.

The Challenge

Do you possess the traits of an energy creator or those of an energy absorber? What can you do to be a creator for those around you?

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