Things That Turned Ordinary People into Entrepreneurs



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Entrepreneurs are not born; they are made.

Specific situations in life transform ordinary people like you and me into unbreakable entrepreneurs who decide to pursue a life-changing journey.

Do you remember why you got started? Which was your reason(s), or did I miss it?

A Desire to Create Your Future

When you got tired of allowing your job, family, or life situations to dictate and decide what your future looks like, entrepreneurship became your saving grace.

It allowed you to create something new, opening doors to your options and allowing you to hop into the driving seat of your future. It is a road filled with opportunities and one of the only options that enables you to take control of your future.

A Need for Authentic Freedom

For most entrepreneurs, freedom means being completely free to choose where to be and what to do with your time. Although in the beginning, it feels like this will never come, it is still the driving force that keeps you pushing even in times of adversity.

What you seek is a type of freedom rarely possible when working for someone else, and thus, the reason why entrepreneurship is your only choice for authentic freedom.

A Need to Create and Own Something

Do you cringe at the thought of trading all the years of your life serving and building someone else's dream? That is because you want to create something of your own.

This reason is the driving force behind why you begin to explore this avenue. You have this desire to create. A desire to build something unique. Something that is entirely your creation.

But you can only do this when you make the decisions.

Recognizing Opportunities in Problems

For a lot of people, the world is overflowing with problems. They see issues everywhere they look, with no solutions in sight.

For you, recognizing the problems is just the first step. Then, you see opportunities to provide solutions to these problems.

This recognition of opportunities pushed you to take the leap and bring the solutions to life.

Dissatisfaction with the Time Markers in Life

Today, many people accept the societal norm of the schooling systems, the job market, and the idea that you retire at an old age. But you are not happy with this timeline society dictates.

You want to break free and do what you want when you want to. That is how you found your way to entrepreneurship, recognizing that it is the only logical way to create your own time markers in life.

A Desire to Make an Impact

When you die, what will people say about you? What contribution would your life have made to the good of your family, society, country, and the world?

You turned to entrepreneurship, having a strong desire to make a change and leave a mark long after you are gone.

You want to touch the lives of others and help to create better situations. You want to make a lasting change. This desire to make an impact led you to entrepreneurship, and it is the reason why you went from ordinary to entrepreneur.

Financial Independence

You are tired of the stress that comes with living paycheck to paycheck. You realize that the only way to earn financial independence is by building and creating something of value.

Your value in the job market will never grow at a rate that allows you to be in control of your finances. You realize that to create wealth that is truly life-changing, you need to create something that will grow at a more significant level.

This can only happen through entrepreneurship.

Breaking the Poverty Chain

For you, poverty is a generational curse that has been plaguing your family for generations and has made its way to you. You are tired of living under this curse. You are ready for a change, not just for yourself but also for the generations that come after you.

You want to be in a position that creates more opportunities than you had, and this longing drives you forward each day.

Realizing Your True Potential

You were dissatisfied with the things you were doing. You felt deep inside that you could do more, contribute more, and have more. Sitting at your day job, doing the same thing day in and day out, felt like a waste of your potential.

So, instead of letting your potential go to waste, you have taken matters into your own hands and pushed yourself to do more.

Prove Them Wrong

"You can't do it."
"That can't be done, especially not by you."

The doubt that others had about you was your driving force. You desired revenge and that sweet, sweet taste of proving them wrong.

This has transformed you from an ordinary person into an entrepreneur. The journey has been challenging. You faced uncertainty and risked a lot but grew so much.

To prove them wrong, you stepped in as ordinary and stepped out as an entrepreneur.

What was your reason?

The challenge
This week, I challenge you to reflect on why you got started. Bring yourself back to your initial motivation, and remember to hold on to it during hardships and adversity.

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