Happiness is Not the Goal



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Happiness is an emotion we all enjoy. It signals that things are great and we are on the right path. The problem is that many things can bring happiness but may not benefit us.

In the same way that being outside of our comfort zones can make us feel very unhappy in the moment, it can be good for us.

If you thought your Goal was to be happy, here is why you should reconsider.

Happiness is an emotion, just like any other. It comes and goes. You feel it for a moment, then it goes away. But you will never be happy all the time.

Happiness as a goal is not attainable.

Instead, being content or emotionally aware is a better place to be. When you are emotionally aware, you allow yourself to feel both positive and negative emotions without allowing the negative ones to pull you into an abyss. You are free to be angry or frustrated without losing the overall contentment that you feel with your life.

Society tells us that we will be happy when we get that new relationship, promotion, car, or big house- but that is usually not what happens.

Instead, you find yourself in a never-ending cycle of chasing happiness. You think you will be happy once you have that next shiny thing in hand, but really what happens is that you begin to see something shinier within reach.

The things that will make you happy begin to be bigger and more out of reach than before. You spend your entire life chasing happiness and forget to live, to laugh, to enjoy, and to be happy now.

So, happiness is a fantastic emotion we all love and feel. Remember that it should not be your Goal.

The Challenge
This week, reflect on how and if you have made happiness a goal you must achieve. If you have, evaluate how this has affected your overall happiness.

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