How to Never Fail



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You can only fail when you quit because it means you will never try again. The failure you experience when you give up will be there forever. You can never change it.

See, fear of failure is a big determiner of success. Studies show that there are three types of fears that dominate today, these are fear of public speaking, fear of rejection, and fear of failure.

Although public speaking is significant on the list, the one that dominates is fear of failure. And while failure is something real, the fear of failure only exists in your mind.

Fear of death doesn't even make it to the top three. More people are afraid to fail at their pursuits than of dying.

Everyone fails. But failure is relative. It's a subjective measure. So while one person may experience it and think of it as a learning experience, another may become unable to try again.

To accept failure for what it is, a step in the journey of success, while not allowing it to hinder you from pressing forward, you need to adjust your mindset. You need to understand that you can choose to learn from failure.

You may not realize that your reaction to failure keeps you in the never-ending loop. When you fail, you either curse it, deny it, avoid it, make excuses, blame others, or quit. These reactions significantly reduce the benefits you can take away from every failed attempt.

While the first reactions are not the best for getting closer to success, you only fail when you decide to quit.

So here are 5 ways you can look at failure to try and avoid getting to the 'quit' stage.

Look at Failure as an Event, Not a Person

Think of failure as something that happens, not as the characteristics of a person. When you do this, you will avoid identifying as a failure. Instead, you can disassociate yourself from it and analyze what happened.

Seek the Why, to Find the Solution

If you look at the 'no' in the failure with an analytical eye instead of judging yourself, you can figure out how to turn it into a yes. Look at what went wrong, how you messed up, and what you can do differently next time.

List Possible Opportunities

Sometimes failure means this opportunity was not right. It's one door closing, so you can look at all possible doors opening. It doesn't mean you need to change your goal. It means thinking outside the box to find new opportunities and ways of getting them.

Ask yourself, "What have I learned?" Then try again.

Failure is the best teacher. Get into the habit of looking for the lesson in failure. Many times you learn the wrong ways of doing something. Adjust and try again.

Don't Mope Around with Other Failures

If you seek out other failures to share in your pain and sit around and complain about it, you won't be motivated to try again. So try to surround yourself with people who fail but are relentlessly pursuing success. Surround yourself with people who have failed enough times that it leads to success.

Surround yourself with winners, and you will become one too.

The Challenge:
This week, evaluate your reaction to failure. Adjust if it needs adjusting.

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