I Said "ByeBye" to my Spending Era



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Growing up in a society that encourages us to be consumers means we begin to consume the minute we start earning. At least, that was true for me.

The minute my social security card would allow me to work, I secured a little job. This would mean I could earn money consistently to buy the things I didn't have.

At 18, I got my first full-time job. I paid my way through school then, so every extra penny I could get went towards my bachelor's degree.

I was lucky enough to have a cousin who allowed me to stay with him as I figured out how to balance paying for school and living in the city.

The minute I finished school, everything changed. I had no obligations now, and I could again begin to buy all the things I had never had.

During my first year of working after completing my degree, I was finally free to spend my money however I wished.

My Spending Era

So I bought, and bought, and bought. I bought clothes, shoes, makeup, and bags. I even bought a car.

I constantly looked forward to paydays, anticipating all the new stuff I could get with my money.

But then, three years later, I left Belize to study in Taiwan. I had spent the last three years buying stuff, and now I had to choose one suitcase and a carry-on worth of things to take with me.

It was easier than I thought. And when I left, I felt a certain freedom. Like the weight of all the stuff had been lifted from me.

But when I got to Taiwan and saw so many things I had to have, I fell right back into my buying habits.

I bought and bought.

But then I wanted to travel. So, I stopped buying and started saving to experience the world.


I got to see countries I never dreamed of visiting. I got to cook with Thai people in Thailand, see Angkor Wat, and watch my then favorite soccer team play a game in their home stadium.

That's when I realized I didn't need all the stuff I had been accumulating.

So I started throwing stuff out.

I began valuing quality over quantity, and the feeling of lightness came back.

I don't buy much stuff today because I know that I don't need to own a lot of things to be happy. I value relationships, experiences, and investing over owning stuff, and it has made my life so much more fulfilled.

I remember my experiences and special moments with those I cherish vs. what I was wearing.

The Challenge

Are you in your spending Era? I challenge you to try a month without spending money on stuff. Use what you have, and be more present to enjoy your experiences.

See how you feel after a month of not buying so many things.

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