Money Noh Grow Pan Tree- 3 Ways How Society Has Programmed Us To Remain Poor



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Money doesn't grow on Trees

For some of us, being poor is all that we have ever known. What we don’t realize is that we live in a society where we are taught to be poor. Everything that we are exposed to, has been subconsciously designed to keep us in this state.

It is only until we can identify these beliefs, and make a decision to change the way that we think, that we can change our situation.

While I don’t believe that our thoughts and beliefs are the only things that keep us poor, they do lay the foundation for the actions that we take. So how did it start?

Education system- laying the foundation for poverty

(School teach yuh enuf fi become wah worker)

Did you know that our education system dates back to the time of the industrial revolution? During this time, companies were becoming heavily mechanized. They needed people to control the machines, and follow the production processes that they had established.

Education was reserved only for the rich. They had personal teachers who could help them to develop critical thinking, and educate them in areas of art, philosophy, music, finances and many other subjects that the rich saw as necessary.

Free Education to the Rescue

(School open doors)

The state realized that in order to tap into the exponential success that came with these factories, they needed workers that would know how to take orders, be punctual, follow rules and prioritize the needs of the industries.

That’s how the first schools were designed, they were offered to the lower and middle class children in the name of free education, but with a system designed with the companies in mind.

They were developed to teach children how to follow and think within the box.

It gave the lower class opportunities to earn more money while removing the worry of where their next meal would be coming from. It gave them opportunities to move away from working in fields under the sun, to operating machines in factories, and organizing processes for the benefit of a company.

It opened ‘opportunities’ that they had never had before. They simply had to become ‘educated’ to access these opportunities.

While the needs of society have changed since that time, the schooling structure hasn’t evolved much. It still focuses on teaching us how to interact within these organizations.

It teaches us how to be agreeable, likable, and good employees so that we can be promoted and move up the corporate ladder.

Yet, it hasn’t evolved enough to teach us to think critically. It hasn’t taught us the basics of how to manage our finances, and develop opportunities for ourselves.

Unless we can expose ourselves to these ideas, our education system teaches us how to get a job, get promoted, and stay within the system that’s intended to keep us earning just as much as we spend.

How Money is Evil

(Money Evil)

Society has also played a vital role in brainwashing us with negative thoughts about money.

Seeing our parents argue over money, or how unhappy not being able to afford to buy anything from basic necessities to luxurious vacations has planted the seed that money makes you unhappy.

Watching movies and reading stories where the villains are rich people who have set out to destroy or take advantage of the lower or middle class people, tells us that having money makes you evil.

Witnessing the “normal” guy attack and defeat these rich villains makes us aspire to be the ones to stand up against all this and make a difference. We identify more with these people, and believe that because we don’t have the loads of money the rich do, we have better values and morals than them.

Society, Hollywood, and the rich push us toward the idea that money is bad. We start forming our money is evil mentality. The rich are evil. We don’t want to be evil.

So while we want to have money, something in us holds us back because we don't really want to be like the rich.

A system Designed to Keep Us Poor

(Wah system designed fi Keep Yuh Deh)

It all goes one step further, and puts us into a system that is designed to keep us there. We get access to opportunities that keep us within the same societal bounds. These 'opportunities' ensure we never make it out.

Mortgage your home, borrow money to start that business you have been dreaming about they say. But all of this is offered to us at a higher interest rate than the rich. This then makes it exponentially harder for you to succeed.

The rich gets access to capital that is dirt cheap, while we pay double to because we are considered 'higher risks.'

Be a good citizen and pay your taxes. Yet, we aren’t exposed to all the ways we can legally deduct our taxes to pay less, like the rich are.

In School, we aren't taught these things. Not because our teachers are evil. But probably because they themselves aren't exposed to the information.

Corporations such as Facebook, Google, and Amazon spend billions of dollars every year, learning how to manipulate you to need all that they are selling.

In many cases, they sell us things we don’t even need, yet because of the money they can invest into understanding human psychology, and desires, they can carefully create content that keeps us in those boxes.

How Do You Change the Negative Money Mindsets?

(How yuh change it?)

Change starts with identifying and understanding all these ways that we have been conditioned to remain poor.

While we cannot change society and the way things have been designed, if we really want to escape the system that keeps us bound, we need to change our mindsets.

Mindset Shift

Educating ourselves, pushing our minds to think critically, and ensuring that we are always learning are essential to start the change.

Take Action

Then, as we become more informed, we need to take action. We need to apply the knowledge that we have to change the way we do things.

We need to choose to do things that are no longer inline with what we have been programmed to do. We need to start developing our ideas and thinking and acting out of the box.

Become a permanent student

We need to go to school, learn the basics, and push ourselves to live a life of constant learning and growing. It is only by continuous development and improvement that we can see changes in ourselves that help to ground those mindsets and push toward achieving a better life.

Changing the mindsets are first. Taking action and learning from experience is next.

The challenge.

This week, focus on identifying ways that you are being programmed to remain poor. After identifying how we are being programmed, sit down and brainstorm ideas of things that you can do to change the programing to one of being rich.

*Remember that while there is a lot to learn from these things, it's usually only one way of thinking.

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