Seven Questions to Figure out Who Your Ideal Customers Are



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Identifying your ideal client is figuring out who your target audience is. When you do this, you can make your business more attractive and appealing to them.

It also helps you understand their needs, wants, and preferences meaning you can better serve them and stand out from your competitors.

Ultimately, this leads to more sales and success for your business.

But won't you limit sales by limiting the people you serve?

To answer the last question, "No." When you take the time to define who your ideal clients are, it helps you to show up better for the people you choose to serve.

You can spend your time focusing on their wants and needs. You can bring more value to them instead of trying to serve everyone.

So how do you get started?

Try answering these seven questions below to help you clarify what your ideal customer looks like.

1. What do you do?

This may seem like an obvious question, but when you are just getting started the temptation of trying to do or sell a million different things or services at a time can get the most of you.

Instead, take some time to define what products or services can bring the most value to the people you want to serve. Doing this will help to make it easier to introduce yourself and articulate what you do to potential clients.

It also helps you direct your focus and specialize on specific things as you get started.

2. What are the problems they have before they start working with you, and how can you help to solve them?

Answering this question will make it easier for you to highlight the pain points that your ideal customer has. It can also help you to emphasize the value that you bring.

You can answer this question by brainstorming how they would spend their days and the day-to-day problems they encounter.

This exercise makes it easier to articulate the transformation your business can bring to the day-to-day lives of your customers.

3. What are the problems they face externally?

Now that you know what their day-to-day activities look like. It's easier to identify the external problems they may be facing. These are problems that have to do with their outward appearance and how others perceive them or their business.

If your product or service can offer some assistance to help them improve their view, it's a great place to start.

4. What about their internal problems?

These are the other side of the coin. They are the problems your potential clients' experience when they focus on how they feel or what they think about themselves.

When you can provide a solution that resonates with their internal problems, you can create strong bonds with your clients.

So while it's important to solve external problems for them, because these are the things the world can see, it's more important to solve their internal ones.

Solving their internal problems builds connection and loyalty since it shows that you understand how they feel and can meet them where they are at.

5. How do you connect what they are looking for to what they need?

When a client comes to you, they usually come with an idea in mind. Many times, they come requesting something thinking it's the solution to their problem.

You have to figure out why they are looking for that thing and identify other ways you can help them to solve their problem.

As an expert in your field, it's your job to understand what result they are looking for not just what product or service they have pre-determined as their need.

6. Where do they spend their time?

This will help you to understand what is the ideal way for you to reach them. Are they constantly on Facebook groups? Are they constantly on Instagram? Where do they spend their time online and in person?

Figure out how you can use this knowledge to reach them.

7. How would they define success as it relates to their problem?

This will help you to understand what their definition of success is. It will help you scrap the jargon and use language they will understand and relate to.

Remember that as a new business owner, it's ok to start with a broad vision as you get to know your client base. But sooner rather than later, you should take some time to sit down and answer these questions.

Use them to help you better identify and connect with your ideal customer.

The challenge

If you are struggling to figure out who your ideal clients are, take some time to answer these questions and try to narrow down who you serve, what value you bring to them, and how to reach them.


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