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You might think that maintaining health is expensive. Hek, I tried to buy organic sweet potatoes vs. non-organic sweet potatoes and was immediately thrown off by the difference in price.

The organic ones cost double the price! And that was just one item on my weekly long grocery list.

But the minute that bitter taste of how much more you need to pay for quality food, gym membership, and regular doctor visits may cost hits, consider the alternative.

Your Career

Imagine pursuing your dreams, doing the work it takes to reach your goals, and falling short because of a health issue.

Imagine missing your only shot because you were out sick or had to step back because your body couldn't physically keep up with what it needed to do.

Although healthy food and time developing a healthy body can seem expensive, you must remember that advancing your career and reaching your goals means having the energy to do so.

So investing time and money in these things should not be seen as a high cost, but as a way to ensure you can continue pursuing your goals.

Your Family

Sickness casts a shadow of fear and uncertainty over those you love. When you don't take the necessary steps to invest in your health and ultimately fall sick because you refuse to invest in good food and healthy physical activities, it takes a toll on those around you.

And when you become sickly and feeble, you are no longer able to be there for them in the way you wish always to be.

It is not to say that having healthy habits will 100% ensure you never fall ill. However, studies have proven that simple things like a low-processed food diet and exercise can help with things like high blood pressure, diabetes, and many other diseases that plague those around us today.

Your Finances

If you think healthy food, $75 for a gym membership, or setting time aside for getting fit costs a lot, imagine how much more it costs to take medication for the rest of your life.

How much more will you need to pay to treat or maintain diseases that don't have a cure?

So the next time you think you are saving yourself money by buying cheaper, more processed food or choosing to work through the time you should be spending getting fit, remember that you are paying a lot more than you can see at that moment.

The Challenge
This week, I challenge you to identify three ways to be more generous with yourself and your health. Remember that investing in your health should be one of the best ways to spend your money.

Disclaimer: Not Financial Advice
None of the content brought to you on the Giggedbz Hook Mi Up Blog page is intended to be financial advice. We provide content for educational and entertainment purposes only. You should consult a financial professional for advice.

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