The 6 Principles That Influence If They Buy



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For a business owner in a competitive environment, more than having an excellent product or service is required. You need to understand the people who would benefit from accessing what you offer.

People will buy for many reasons, and you must help make their buying decisions easier.

The six principles that influence human behavior come into play here. Understanding them and identifying which principles resonate more with your target customers can change how you present your business.

It can help you tailor your marketing and sales strategies to optimize customer experience.

So, what are these principles?


Reciprocity is the human need to return a favor or a kind gesture. You can tap into this need by offering free samples, generous discounts, or simply listening to your customers' needs.


As humans, it's much easier to continue using or doing something once we have started. The start is usually more challenging to get.

Cultivating brand loyalty plays a significant role. If you can create ways to get your customers to become loyal to your brand, values, and story, they will be repeat customers.


People listen to experts more than to random people on the street.

You create authority when you demonstrate expertise in your field by showing your credentials or getting your products or services endorsed by experts whose opinions your audience will value.


Consensus is the crowd mentality. The more people can show they are using your products or services, the more it demonstrates your popularity across your customer base.

Consensus increases the likelihood of new customers opting in for the experience.


We feel drawn to things we think we cannot have.

Tapping into scarcity by making a product or service exclusive in a genuine way can make it more enticing. State the limitations that keep you from accessing more, such as time constraints or batch availability.


When customers feel a connection, a sense of similarity, or a belief that they come from similar backgrounds to the person persuading them to buy, they are more likely to buy.

Keep this in mind, and remember that these people are excellent spokespersons for your brand. Be bold and showcase them, especially when they align with your target audience.

The challenge:
How can you use the 6 Principles of Human Behavior to adjust some of your marketing behaviors today?

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