The Hard, Medium and Easy Way to Get Things Done



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Let’s discuss why you should push to be in rooms you don't belong to!

Sounds controversial, right? I know. But I’m referring to things you have convinced yourself you are too good for you…

Opportunities you believe are out of your grasp and therefore won’t even try to get…

And networking possibilities can help you develop connections with the right people even though you may feel like you don’t belong…

The Hard, The Medium & The Easy

Let’s imagine you wake up craving chocolate cake. You have three options for how to get it: the hard way, the medium way, and the easy way.

Which do you choose?

You roll over in bed, pull your phone and ask Google to help you find a recipe for the most delicious chocolate cake on earth. In seconds, your eyes are scrolling over the screen with your mouth salivating at the thought.

Google gives you are recipe, but you realize that you will also need to buy an oven and a baking pan to bake the cake, apart from the ingredients, none of which is available in your lifeless pantry.

You drag yourself to the store, pick up the ingredients, and a small oven. You can go home and manually mix the cake.

Hours later, you sit down, ready to bite into the moistest chocolate cake you have ever seen. -The Hard Way

That option required too much work and time. You needed to have the patience to craft a perfect cake manually. You doubted your ability to pull it off all along the way, but you still did it.

But you have never doubted your ability to take pictures. Taking pictures is your superpower. Photography has been your bread and butter for many years, so you take pictures, sell them, and use that money to walk over to Sugar Fix and buy the most perfect chocolate cake you could ever have.

Cravings are satisfied. -The Medium Way

Or you go to work. It's Mel's birthday. Walking into the room, you hear that famous birthday tune. You immediately realize today is the day she turns 34.

You join in the celebrations. You indulge in the most delicious chocolate cake when they cut the cake. Even though the idea of chocolate cake hadn’t even crossed your mind. -The Easy Way

The Take-Away

Although I'm not saying that working and learning to do something is wrong, I recognize that it is the most challenging way to do it.

In life and business, sometimes the room or the mind you find yourself in can give you a more significant advantage than the work you put in.

This is why it's important to stop yourself when you begin to doubt how good you are. It would be best if you always pushed yourself to take advantage of opportunities that allow you to be in new places and connect with new people.

You must also be willing to share what you do. Share how you helped others. And listen to what others do too.

As you open your mind to people and ideas, unexpected opportunities begin. So…

If you are scared to share your artwork with artists much more qualified and experienced than you, do it anyway.

If you are worried about emailing that more significant business or submitting that bid because your business is small, press send anyway.

If you are scared to pick up the phone and reach out to someone, dial that number anyway.

You can get yourself in that room and remember to be memorable when you do.

Share your ideas, and create experiences that live in the minds of others.

Listen to others, ask questions, and become a part of what is happening. Accomplish this often and do it passionately. The rooms and minds you enter will open up opportunities you never saw coming.

Stop doubting yourself. Put yourself out there. And watch how the universe rewards your courage.

The Challenge
Is there something you should do for your business but have yet to talk yourself out of? I would like to challenge you to get it done this week. Leap. Share, connect, and believe in yourself.

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