The Lies We Tell Ourselves



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Repeat a lie often enough, and soon it becomes the truth.

It is a phenomenon known as the Illusory Truth Effect, which says that the more times you are exposed to a lie, the more you believe it is true.

It's one of the reasons why people always say that vitamin C helps prevent a cold. Carrots improve your sight and many other things that people 'say.'

We are exposed to them so often that we have unwavering beliefs and tend to repeat them to others who come after us. Keeping them as "truths" we are constantly exposed to.

But today, we aren't here to de-myth any of these "lies" that society has told us. Instead, the objective is to observe and figure out what lies we have been telling ourselves repeatedly.

See, the thing with the Illusory Truth Effect is that because it's repeated so many times, we believe it is true, even when exposed to new information that provides proof it is a lie.

A Personal Example

When I was growing up, I was thin. My family was always scared I would get hurt playing sports, lifting heavy things, or even running.

Soon, I began to believe I was too fragile and stayed away from sports. I always tried to gain weight so they could see me as stronger.

As I got older, I decided to pursue a healthy life. I began going to the gym. At first, I was scared to lift weights because although I could, I still believed I was fragile.

It wasn't until I took hold of that lie I had been holding on that I could embrace the truth. I'm tiny but not fragile. I'm bloody strong.

The Lies You Tell Yourself

And this is why I urge you to take a moment, step back, and examine your internal dialogue.

The lies you have been telling yourself has a significant impact on the way you have been interacting with the external world.

  • Have you been telling yourself that you can't do something, so you stopped trying?
  • Have you been telling yourself that you aren't worthy of achieving that goal, so you are giving up?
  • Have you been telling yourself that you wouldn't be able to lead a more significant business, so you have been turning down opportunities to grow?

The Challenge
Ask yourself what lie you have been repeating to yourself to the point that it now feels like the truth. Find it, and change it!

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