What Are Your Boat Anchors?



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When you want a boat to come to a complete stop, you need to lower the anchor into the ocean. If someone else is doing this, seeing when it's happening may be challenging.

Yet, slowly and surely, these tools help to keep your boat from moving forward or away.

In the same way boat anchors hold back a boat, some things in your life hold you back. These anchors include the people around you, habits you develop, or beliefs.

They are your Boat Anchors.

When you decide to move forward, seek growth, and push to do more with your life, these anchors are ready to hold you in the same place where you are.

With your anchors firmly set, you begin to experience you create friction against the person you are trying to become, the direction you are trying to move towards, and the goals you are hoping to achieve.

For this reason, you must examine your life in search of the present Boat Anchors.

Sometimes, these anchors still allow you to move forward, but because you are making progress, you begin to ignore them and don't realize how much they hold you back.

Although they allow you to grow, they still prohibit you from reaching your full potential.

Some common examples of these boat anchors include:

  • little behaviors and habits that you adopt that distract you from the primary goal at hand
  • limiting beliefs you may have about yourself that prevent you from taking action
  • remaining in environments that hinder your growth for too long
  • Staying friends with people who laugh at what you want to achieve and tell you to set more realistic goals.

The Challenge

Today, I want you to figure out what Boat Anchors are holding you back. Which ones have you been ignoring? How can you slowly chip these away so that you can begin to operate at your full potential?

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