What You Can Learn From Goldilocks About Running Your Business



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You know the story of Goldilocks: How she entered the Bears' house and had to choose between something too big, too small, or just right.

But did you know that you can learn something from this story? It can help you in business to better reach your goal and can also help to prevent burnout.

As a solopreneur, there is so much that you need to do, but since you are the boss of your own time, efforts, and income, it's easy for you to lean too much on one or the other side of the spectrum from day to day. Meaning on any given day, you can decide to do too much or too little, and with no one looking over you, it's easy to get sucked into one or the other.

The Goldilocks Rule in Business

The Goldilocks rule states that you must design your days so that your work is "not too hard, not too easy, but just right."

See if your days are too challenging. Whether it be doing too much, only tackling things that you despise doing, or solving difficult problems, it is easy to burn out.

But if your days are too easy, you only have a little to do, and you know the exact solutions to your problems, it's easy to get bored and lose motivation.

Victories and Challenges

When you fill your days with less challenging things, you can experience the endorphins your body releases with small victories. Yet, challenges are essential to balance it and keep your work exciting.

Qualitative vs. Quantitative

You can make your days easier or harder by choosing the number of tasks you need to accomplish during said day, thus tapping into the quantitative side.

You can also adjust difficulty based on the degree of difficulty of a problem. When solving something requiring much effort, stick with fewer tasks and focus on creating the ideal outcome.

The Challenge

Do you need to adopt The Goldilocks Rule?

Now, it's up to you to reflect on how you run your business.

Are you guilty of having extremely challenging days that lead to burnout and put you off work for days or weeks? Or are you constantly bored and looking for more things to do? Do you feel you need more motivation?

Reflect and make the necessary adjustments.

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