Why Customers Don't End Up Buying From You



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Are you struggling to have consistent sales? Do you get inquiries from people that don't convert into sales?

While your offer shouldn't target everyone in the market, it shouldn't mean you are constantly struggling to make sales.

Let's brainstorm reasons why your potential clients come with questions and leave without buying from you.

1. Your offer is too Fluffy and Not Clear Enough

A fluffy offer means you are saying a lot without communicating how you can help. Maybe you are focusing on the features that your product or services have. You may also be providing information that your customers don't value.

When you do this, it only confuses your customer.

Sometimes it can feel like you are trying to avoid the obvious question they want to be answered. How can this help me? How can it solve my problem? How can it improve my life?

Remember to make sure you understand what your customer values and address it.

Be clear with your offer and why they should buy.

2. You are not sure how to Communicate the Value of your Offer

People want to know how they will benefit from buying your product or services. Tell them. Show them. Find creative ways that will make your products memorable in their minds.

Show them what it will cost them if they choose not to buy from you. When you do this, it will help to make their decision a lot easier.

3. You Lack the Sales Skills

You can have the best offer in the world, but if you don't have the right sales skills and approach for your customers, you may struggle to sell.

Sales is a skill that you can learn and improve on. Read books, research, and learn the techniques needed to improve this skill. Then put what you learn to use.

You will find that it can feel a little challenging and unnatural at first. Yet, if you are consistent, you will find the techniques that work for you.

Then practice them. Build on them and improve them.

3. Not Having a Sales Process In Place

You may be able to communicate what you are selling and have the skills to make your potential customers crave your products. But none of this matters if you fail in the sales onboarding process.

You need to have an easy-to-follow sales or onboarding process. Think, how do they pay? How do I ship? What documents do they need to sign? and so on.

A complicated and unclear process can frustrate your customers who may end up walking away.

Think about it from their perspective, and try to cut anything in the unnecessary process.

4. You Pitch Before Understanding

Listen to your customers. Understand what their problems are. Find out what the solution they are looking for. Ask questions and listen.

Then pitch your product or service to them. Address their pain points to show that you understand them. This helps to build and establish a connection with them. It also gives you more information to evaluate if you can solve their problem.

5. You are not confident about the Results you can Give

When you are unsure of your products or services, it shows. When you don't believe in what you are selling, your customers can sense it.

So ask yourself if you believe in what you are offering. If you don't believe in it, return to the drawing board.

Address this, and come back confident.

The Challenge

This week, evaluate your sales process and identify which points you are struggling with.

Then spend some time working on them.

Remember that the sale is also an experience for the customer. It is the experience that will help to drive them toward a yes or a no.

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