With the Titanic of Economic Crisis on the Horizon, Will You Swim or Sink?



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World Economic Crisis, how will you make it out?

Before the Titanic Sank, there were many warnings. Yet people believed that nothing could affect it. It was the biggest, most amazing ship ever built. It was indestructible.

So nobody headed the warnings when they were given.

Over the past few months, you have seen prices skyrocket. Things that were once affordable aren't any more. The problem is, that these things include necessities. Food. Water. Electricity. Gas.

When you get your paycheck, you have to choose which basic necessity is more important for you!

Maybe we are in the Titanic of Economic Crisis today.

World Economic Crisis

See, it's not only in Belize. All around the world, economies are collapsing. Assets are losing their values. People are seeing their investments reduced by double digit percentages.

In the past, these have all been signs that point to a massive economic collapse on the horizon.

The scary thing is, that we have only seen the beginning of it.

There is still more heartache to come.

Combating Inflation

The US government keeps increasing interest rates. But they are not the only ones. Governments all over the world, realize the state of which their economies are in. This is why they are also doing the same thing.

With inflation at an all time high, it means you must choose what and where to spend your money. If you decide that something is no longer a priority, the businesses won't see their share of your money.

Your money will start stretching thinner and thinner.

Companies will start making less and less revenues. And, if a company's revenues are down, what's the first thing they try to do?

Job Losses on the Horizon

Higher cost prices and lower revenues means that soon companies won't be able to pay salaries. They will need to start letting workers go.

This has already started happening with some of the biggest companies in the world. Tech, Retail and Automotive companies have seen huge job cuts in September.

September is usually a time to increase hiring in preparation for the up coming holidays. September alone saw about 30,000 job cuts in the US.

It's just a matter of time before businesses in Belize have to resort to it too.

They will let go of workers like you and me.  People who have bills to pay, a family to feed and responsibilities that depend on the salaries we get.

No Jobs Means Massive Defaults

So people will start defaulting on their car loans, and mortgages. A bitter taste in our mouths with high job losses and loss of many of our valuables.

As assets continue to fall in value, people will begin to lose high percentages of what they invested.

A world economic crisis means it's not only going to happen in Belize. But it will happen everywhere.

Are You a Victim?

You can choose to follow the route of the majority. Complain about all the bad things that are happening to you.

Try to escape the problems with short bouts of pleasure. You can spend all the money you make because things keep getting more expensive.

In fact, this is how most people who live through a financial crisis survive. And even though they survive, they learn nothing from it.

They gain nothing from it. And the next time around, they commit to living a few miserable years, knowing that they will get through.

Or you can take a different route.

Are You Going to be Different?

The good news though, is that in times like these, there are so many opportunities to acquire wealth.

There are many people around the world who not only survive, but thrive during a financial crisis.

They learned how to observe all the mishaps and turn them into opportunities. They bought assets at cheaper prices. They borrowed at lower rates. They invested when nobody else wanted to invest.

They studied the problems everyone complained about. They learned from them and changed the direction of their lives.

They are the few who do things different.

They built businesses and acquired cash generating assets. While everyone was complaining, looking for a cheap escape, they looked for opportunities.

The challenge

Now you know what's coming. You know that all the doom and gloom could be an opportunity to change your financial status. Your challenge is to find someone online, in history, in your neighborhood whom you can learn from.

Study what they did. Educate yourself in their skills. Learn from how they did things. And take this next year of chaos that's coming by the horns. Turn your life around.

Comment down below and let me know who you decide to learn from. Or what's your plan to benefit from the heartache that's to come.

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