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What would you do for your business to succeed?

Would you sit in a hospital bed working on your business until the doctor came in and told you it was time to give birth?

Meet Jocelin, a talented freelancer, and entrepreneur who has helped numerous businesses discover success using unconventional marketing tools.

Jocelin understands the result of having an excellent work ethic. She is also well-versed in the growth that it takes to become a successful business owner.

She overcame self-doubt and low confidence when she began her journey. Through trial and error, stepping out of her comfort zones, and getting up after falling, Jocelin is here today.

She is the recipient of awards from multiple internationally renowned companies such as Manychat and SEMRush.

Jocelin's story starts in a space everyone overlooked. Curiosity and desire to learn led her down a rabbit hole that has given her the power to help many businesses.

Her expertise could be just what your business needs. So where does her story begin?

Discovering her Talent

Jocelin began with a simple curiosity to learn about Messenger chatbots while listening to podcasts during her free time. Intrigued by how they would function, she dove head first into learning about them.

This led to her discovering her talent for understanding new technology since it all came easily to her.

At that time, she was working as an office admin in Ladyville. This is where she created her first chatbot for the company she was working with.

So when her boss needed help to change something on his website, she had a go at it.

With the help of youtube university, Udemy, and other websites, she entered the web development world for the first time. This was the step that would launch her freelancing career.

Life as a Freelancer

Excited about her newly discovered talent, she decided to try her hands at freelancing. She created a profile on Fiver and started offering her services to businesses worldwide.

Her work started slow, but soon enough she struggled to keep up with the demands of her job and her freelancing gigs. Eventually, she found herself at a crossroads and had to make a decision.

She packed her things, had an emotional farewell with her employer and leaped head first into the freelance business.

Soon she migrated to Upwork, another platform for freelancers to sell their services. Her business was booming. She kept learning with every client she served. Her skills were becoming polished.  People started to seek her out.

Competing Internationally

One day, she saw a contest announcement from ManyChat. It was to create an innovative chatbot. Jocelin didn't believe that she could win an international contest.

Yet, filled with self-doubt, she talked herself into joining and submitted the first bot she ever created.

To her surprise and boost of confidence, she won first place in two categories receiving a total  of USD 3000, and winning amongst competitors from all over the world.

She couldn't believe it. Surprised and confident, the win gave her the push she needed. She used her prize money to invest in a course she had wanted to purchase for some time.

She finally had the confidence to create her own business and website.

When Things Go Up In Flames

She used what she learned from her mentor to pitch her services to sellers on Amazon.

Pretty soon, she was the go-to girl for creating chatbots for E-commerce companies that sell on Amazon. The sellers realized they they could save money and increase their revenues with the chatbots doing the work for them.

That was until Amazon changed its rules and her business went up in smoke.

Jocelin was pregnant with her second child. Her business was failing and she had to do something. This was when she decided to pivot.

She realized she could help local and small businesses increase their visibility online with the work she did with chatbots, web design, and SEO.

She understood these were tools that small business owners don't have time to learn but are essential to increasing visibility online.

How Can She Help Your Business?

Imagine searching for your product or services and seeing it on the first page of google search results. You get more sales, more visibility, and ultimately more revenue. Your business stops struggling to make ends meet.

This is what Jocelin dedicates her time to now. She uses the skills she developed over the past few years to make communicating with your customers easier.

She also makes it easier for them to find you among the never-ending sea of information online.

So if you are a small business owner looking to revamp a website, increase your visibility on google or create chatbots to help you with communicating with customers, check out her profile on giggedbz HERE.

Check out the some of her work:





Let her help you with websites that your customers will find easy to use. She creates websites that work on phones, tablets, and mobile devices.

She uses her SEO knowledge to help Google find your business when people search for products or services like the ones you offer.

Check out her chat bot in action HERE and HERE.

Advice from Jocelin to Entrepreneurs

Have a To-Do List

I always write down a list of things I need to do. My past experiences taught me that memory fails you during the most important times, especially when juggling being a mother, a wife, and a business owner.

Because I work for 20 to 30 minutes at a time, scheduled around my babies' schedules, having a to-do list makes it easier for me to jump in and out of work.

I break down my bigger tasks into smaller bite-sized pieces.  You would be surprised how much I can get done during those short bursts of time.

So never skip writing your to-do list.

Learn how To Manage Your Time

Analyze how the day is going. Take note of when you have the most energy and when you have to deal with other responsibilities.

When you familiarize yourself with what a usual day looks like for you, you can schedule calls, time to be creative, and work time around this.

Doing this will help you get the most done during your available time.

Don't Full Your Plate

A lot of times, as business owners, we want to do everything. We find it hard to say no. We associate turning a customer away with less income for us.

But it is vital to understand just how much you can handle. You should never fill your plate.

Life is full of surprises that could take a strain on your family, business, and mental health.  You also need to be mindful not to work yourself into burnout.

This will cost you a lot more than turning one customer away.

The Challenge

Be inspired by Jocelin's story and this week, try to teach yourself something that you have always wanted to learn. Embrace the difficulty and watch yourself become a master slowly.

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