4 Strategies to Not Lose Motivation as a Solo-preneur



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Maybe you started because your work didn't fulfill you, or you hated what you were doing. Perhaps You wanted to make a difference while building something for yourself.

Whatever the reason you decided to walk away from that job and go at it, being the boss of yourself can sometimes get exhausting.

It can get lonely at times, and you can lose motivation. Here are some things that can help you stay on track as you navigate your solo-preneur journey.

1. Community

Just because you are the owner, manager, CEO, CFO, and COO doesn't mean you must be alone. When things get lonely, decisions get heavy, and direction gets blurred, it's always great to have a community to support you.

Your community ranges from one person to a group of similarly motivated people who understand why you do it.

They push you when your fire is burning low.

It can also consist of a coach you hired to help you or a mastermind you joined.

Network, make friends, and surround yourself with people pursuing their dreams.

2. Personal Penalty Packs

Our very nature despises losing more than we love winning, and this is where personal penalty packs come in. By creating situations that highlight what you have to lose, you can develop unsurmountable motivation.

You can do this by creating rules for yourself. If you don't follow the rules, implement penalties that you must pay.

They work great to keep you on track with well-defined short-term goals and tasks as long as you stick with them.

3. Align Your Business with Your Lifestyle

As a business owner, work activities inevitably cross over your leisure time. Because of this, you can open the door to stress, burnout, fatigue, and ultimately, loss of motivation and desire to keep going.

It is why it's essential to find ways to ensure that you can schedule your day in a way that allows you to do the things you enjoyed as an employee.

For example, I always made time for the gym when working for someone else. As I worked fewer and fewer hours for others, I ensured that my gym time was still a priority on my list.

As a matter of fact, I put it at a time that made me happier to do it and gave me more energy for the day.

4. Have a Clear Where and Why

Being a business owner means you are responsible for everything. This responsibility can quickly lead to burnout if you need more clarity on where you want to go and why you want to go there.

So, before you start your business, take some time to reflect on that. And when you find that you are at a place where you are losing motivation, come back to it.

Remind yourself of where you are going. Focus on why you want to go there

As a business owner, it's easy to lose motivation. But these tactics help you to rest, recharge, and continue. Not quite!

The challenge

This week, ask yourself if you have these strategies in place. Suppose you need to plan to put them in place so they can help you as you continue your journey.

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