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Although we say we became business owners to be our bosses, we work harder to ensure our business succeeds. The work sneaks into our private family time and what should be our downtime.

It becomes hard to shut down. When you go to bed, that's when you remember that you forgot to call back that one customer or send that email.

When you are supposed to be present with your kids, that's when your customer responds to that question, clarifying what they need.

Being a business owner means you work more than full-time. Productivity, success, and hard work become what you eat, sleep and breathe.

And while these are all necessary to get your business to the next level, you need to remember that sometimes, taking time off and resting can be the most productive way to keep your business going.

When Do You Need to Rest

You should be familiar with yourself and know the signs your body and brain give you when warning you that it needs time. They vary for all of us.
Pay attention to these signs, and step away from the business when they present themselves.

Engage in something that allows your brain and body to be fully present. These activities vary, so I won't tell you what they should be. They are good enough if they pull you away from the business tasks that have kept you on the go and get your brain to focus on something else.

Remember that the human body and brain can only do so much, so work hard and give it your all, but acknowledge when you can't provide any more.

Then, don't beat yourself up about it; instead, remind yourself that rest is also an essential part of the journey.

See, I learned the hard way that the work you put in when you can't put in anymore is never good enough.

Usually, when you get there, it's better to stop. Take a break. Do something that recharges you. Then, come back and finish it.

You are more likely to do better work than if you just pushed through.

The challenge:
Make a list of 5 activities that you could do to recharge when you can't do anymore. Then, share them with someone who can remind you to do them.

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