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Time is the only currency that is equal to all of us. We all have 24 hours in one day, and it doesn't matter how much money you have or don't have; you can't buy more.

So, how is it that some people seem to have more? What differentiates a highly successful person from one who isn't?

That answer is simple- The things they choose to invest their time on.

While the things you invest time on will differ for everyone depending on their goals, what is the same are the things you can decide to stop wasting time on.

Here are three things I decided to stop wasting time on. They not only changed my life, they made me unstoppable.

Chasing Approval

Sometimes, you want to be accepted, so you morph into a new person. You tire yourself out, placing your self-worth into the hands of others, all in the name of approval.

By giving away control of your value, you enter a game you can never win. In the process of seeking approval, you lose the thing that made you different. You give up your uniqueness, the things that made you, you.

Instead, don't be afraid to stand out. Carve your path. Embrace your validation, and prove that you are who you claim to be.

Regain your confidence and self-belief by taking it into your own hands. Define your self-worth, and stop seeking the approval that someone could take away in seconds.

Worrying about things outside of your control

Is worrying your drug of choice? It is for most people around me. Do you constantly worry about how people would react, what would happen if you did or didn't do something, and everything else under the sun?

Do you lose sleep thinking up scenarios, only for it to affect your performance the next day?

You need to learn that worrying never changes the outcome. Only action does.

And only some actions are within your control. If you do your best to address these, you can let go and let everything else fall into place.

Letting go of this habit is not easy; you need to talk to yourself. Remind yourself of what is in your control. And stop letting worry rob you of your present moment.

This mindset shift frees up space in your mind and allows you to navigate through the uncertainties of life gracefully.

Negative self-talk

If your best friend came to you and started calling themselves stupid, an idiot, or foolish, you would immediately try to correct them.

Yet, in your head, you constantly talk to yourself this way. When you set out to do something, and it doesn't go according to plan, you judge yourself the hardest.

Your negative self-talk is a silent conversation with yourself that destroys your confidence and kills your dreams.

You say all these negative things that break down your belief in yourself.

To break free of this habit, you must constantly adopt a language of empowerment, love, and belief in yourself. It isn't about just walking around thinking positively but creating a space where you can constructively criticize, accept mistakes, and love yourself through them.

The next you notice the negative self-talk starting, stop yourself, imagine that you were speaking to your best friend, and then start the conversation over.

The challenge
Take some time to reflect this week. Are you engaging in any of these habits? If you are, acknowledge that you are, then devise a plan to stop it.


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